Why I Will Not Watch the Star Wars Trailer

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the purpose and efficacy of movie trailers. the generous definition is that a trailer is meant to summarize the movie-to give a glimpse of what the movie is about and draw the audience in. But I think most of us also understand that trailers are meant to sell movies (even bad ones). Trailers are not always reliable.

Let’s face it: creative fan girls on YouTube have proven that you can effectively create a love story between any two characters based on┬áten seconds of eye contact.

Some trailers are little masterpieces in themselves, which tell the story far better than the full-length feature. Others are jumbled, vague, and confusing. I remember watching the trailer to one of my (now) favorite movies. Nothing about it was appealing to me. It was an explosion of images with no hint at story. I thought, “Why would I want to see that?” Fortunately, months later my sister took a chance on renting it (thank you sister!).

Here’s what it comes down to: trailers definitely have their purpose. They introduce me to stand alone movies (not based on books or in a franchise). But whether you like it or not, trailers give you certain expectations for the film. And sometimes I just want to go into the movie (especially a long-expected one) with no expectations. That is why I will (try) not to watch the trailer for Star Wars.

What do you guys think about trailers? Any favorites?

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