Who Are You Writing For?

One of my best friends just finished “Into the Void.” She texted me saying, “Never stop writing, even if you are just writing for me.” She got it. That validated hundreds (maybe thousands?) of hours of work.

It’s a huge accomplishment just to finish a novel. It is. But the market can be deadly. For a time, I queried my first book over and over to agent after agent–all with the same response. That’s when you start to feel crazy. Maybe this book is worthless drivel and I am deceiving myself. But that’s the thing…I know that it is not! I have (sadly) read several books that are worthless drivel and yet somehow they got an agent and a publisher.

I have always known there was value to my stories. And to be honest, I did write them chiefly for myself. A lot of people advise that you don’t write to please the masses, but simply write for one person. Well, my one person understood it. 🙂 So I’m not crazy.

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