What I’ve Been Listening To

Music is a very important part of my creative process. It helps channel my thoughts, quiet distractions, pump up my adrenaline, and keep me focused. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I also have specific songs I attach to emotionally while writing. Some songs are linked to characters, and if I ever hit it big time I will make a deal and create an album with artists’ work to listen to while you read my books. ;P

For the COJ (Creation of Jack) series there are two very different musical themes going on:

  1. the adrenaline pumping, high tempo, hard hitting songs that accompany the high action of the books
  2. the more whimsical, nostalgic, moody tracks that accompany the inner struggles of the characters (especially Logan)

Here are a couple songsĀ that may or may not be on my shuffle as I’m writing:

Incubus- Drive

Jose Gonzalez- Storm

Foo Fighters- The Pretender

Breaking Benjamin- Breathe

Ben Howard- The Promise

Bon Iver- Wash, The Wolves

Evanescence- Haunting Me, Bring Me to Life

and surprisingly Maroon 5- Maps

If you’re a music buff, check them out! Of course there’s always my default: any Hans Zimmer soundtrack music ;D

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