Twenty-Something Confusion

Being twenties nowadays in America is the worst…well, the first three were good. But the mid-twenties have tanked. I am now an adult with all the adult responsibilities and I have fully realized that all of the “wise adults” above me don’t know how to solve the problems of the world. The price of college tuition is rising, the economy is weak, and every single job wants two years of specific experience!

This whole process of moving out into the adult world and establishing a career is ridiculous and confusing. And people seem to have high and varying expectations for me. I don’t know how to live up to peoples’ diverse expectations. And figuring out how I want to establish my life while actually receiving an income…

It all makes me wish I grew up in a small town for twenty years. I mean, am I the only one who thinks the world is crazy? Okay, I’ll get back to writing. Keep keeping on people.

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