The Creation of Jack Soundtrack!

One time long ago I said it would be cool if I could tell my readers what songs to listen to as they read my book. I was half joking. I just kind of assumed that people don’t do that sort of thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well the idea never really left my head. I’ve always had specific songs for specific projects. Finally, the other week I saw another author had done it: created a playlist “soundtrack” for her book. So here is mine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. At the bottom I will list the songs with a word of how they connect to the book. (If videos below aren’t working try clicking here: COJ Soundtrack)


  1. All My Days (Alexi Murdoch)- America
  2. A Whisper (Coldplay)- Into the Maze
  3. Nara (E.S. Posthumus)- Rinty
  4. 300 Violin Orchestra (Jorge Quintero)- Confrontation
  5. The Interview (AFI)- Blackmail
  6. Prelude 12/21 (AFI)-ย Point of No Return
  7. Let Go (Red)- Hajjar
  8. Bring Me To Life- (Evanescence) Druce

Part 2

  1. Pieces (Red)- Harbor
  2. Breathe (Alexi Murdoch)-ย A Life On the Ocean
  3. Break Me Down (Red)- The Past Comes Back
  4. Polarize (twenty one pilots) – A New Team
  5. Rivers In Your Mouth (Ben Howard)- Cambodia
  6. Breath (Breaking Benjamin)- The Chase
  7. Taking Over Me (Evanescence)- Dark Memories
  8. Blow Me Away (Breaking Benjamin)- Assault on the Compound

Part 3

  1. Comptine d’Un Autre Ete (Yann Tiersen)- Hospital
  2. Numb (Linkin Park)- Revelations
  3. Hurt (Johnny Cash)- Runaway
  4. Let Go (Frou Frou)- In the Rain
  5. Born to Lead (Hoobastank)- Destiny
  6. Holding On to You (twenty one pilots)

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