Short Stories

Check out my short stories!


The AdvocateThe Advocate – A man struggling with his conception of justice witnesses an unusual fight.







Inside OutInside Out – A young woman accustomed to controlling what other people know about her meets a man who seems to see right through her.






What They Took From UsWhat They Took From Us- A man and a woman bump into each other in a coffee shop on a stormy Friday morning. But their relationship may not be what it appears…





Third World GleanerThird World Gleaner– A military representative from Earth, appointed to act as dignitary to a newly discovered alien civilization runs into someone she doesn’t expect and is forced to make a judgment call.



Park Guell, Barcelona - SpainLong Nose, Big Feet, and Blisters– A humorous story about wanting to belong, as told from the perspective of an intelligent 12-year old girl.


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