Self Publishing on Kindle-Why You Should Support Indie Authors

The publishing industry is changing. Instead of going through traditional publishing routes, we now see scores of authors self publishing on kindle. There are pros and cons to this. The tools to publish a book are available to pretty much everyone. While this could mean a decrease in quality content, it also means there are fresh, new voices writing stories. I’m going to give you five reasons why investing in self-published authors is worth the risk.

You can get to know the author. These indie authors often don’t have a large following yet. If you find that you like their work, the chances of being able to personally connect with them are high.

You could be investing in a future best-seller.  Writing is a learning process. The more we write, the better we get at writing. When you purchase the work of an indie author, you support their craft and boost their confidence. And your feedback could be just what they needed to write that best selling book.

You may just find your favorite author. The beauty about self-publishing on kindle is that it really allows the individuality of each author to come through. While some indie authors try to mimic their favorite trends, many others rebel against market norms and write the story the way they want to write it.

Small mistakes aren’t really a big deal. You are more likely to find typos and small errors in self published kindle books. Is it really a big deal? I’m not saying quality doesn’t matter. It does. But think of it this way: you just paid a couple of dollars for a product that took hundreds of hours to create. Think of it like supporting local artisan crafts: the flaws prove it was homemade. 😉

Independently published is not code for poor writing. While it is true that many eager, amateur authors are publishing their works before they are ready, there are also enormously gifted authors self publishing on kindle and other online platforms. But even the mainstream market of traditionally published books has its share of poor writing. The smart reader will dig through the dirt to find the gems.


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    1. Just read “The Beast of Talesend” by Kyle Robert Shultz. It’s fantastic. I am interviewing him on this blog next week, so don’t miss it!

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