Rediscovering Old Treasures

I found it! I’ve been looking for it for years.

You know when something makes an impression on you, but you forget to write down the details…and then as the years pass you start to confuse the title and the name of the main character so your google searches are completely ineffective…

I read a short story in ninth grade English. It was a science fiction story in our massive green Literature book. And I loved it. It was short, written in an accessible manner, but the emotional impact of it haunted me. It didn’t help that I didn’t know who Ray Bradbury was at the time. Yep, it was a short story by Ray Bradbury. I would go on to read his most famous work “Fahrenheit 451” in high school. But I never connected the two.

But this last week I found it!

His story is called “All Summer in a Day” and is based on the planet Venus, which is plagued by perpetual rain. If you haven’t read it, follow the link below. It’ll take ten minutes at most.

All Summer In a Day

I suppose this story really resonated with me because I understood what it was like to be different from all the other kids, and I empathized with Margot’s pain.

Coincidentally, I rediscovered this lost treasure while I am reading another of Bradbury’s works: “The Martian Chronicles.” He is quickly rising in my esteem as an author. His chapter, “The Green Morning” is probably one of my favorite passages of literature ever. It is stunning. But I’ll hold off on my full review until I finish the book!

Happy Saturday guys.

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