Pushing Music Forward

I have been a fan of Imogen Heap since the first time my sister played Frou Frou’s album “Details.” I think she has a gift for writing poetic lyrics and a wonderful knack for musical experimentation. But here she takes it to a whole new level.

In her Ted talk from 2012 she showcases the product she has developed, called Mi.Mu gloves. She describes it as a way for her to get out from behind all of her equipment and combine the music creation process with artistry and performance. I love when artists use science and technology to push the boundaries! First is a real short video explaining the gloves (4 minutes). Then I posted her original Ted Talk. It’s an interesting talk, but if you want to skip to the end to see her performance skip to 13:20.

And if any of you want a double dose I just found out she did another Ted talk just last December! You can see how she has improvedĀ her gloves. šŸ˜€

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