Publication Delays

I have been working on “Into the Void” like a maniac for the past four months. And as much as I love the new edits and insights that have arisen from in depth surgery, in order to present this story as it should be I am going to have to push back its release date. The good news is I don’t have a publisher and so I am free to do this! The other good news is I believe the difference of even a few weeks can help me transform this story from “promising” to “riveting.”

I have been aiming faithfully for Friday, December 4th, but we just aren’t going to get there (especially with my recent schedule changes). My new projected date is Friday, January 15th! Hurray! Just when all the holidays are over and you think there is nothing left to hope for in the cold month of January…think again. This book is full of scientific “what-ifs,” character growth, action, and bitter sweet victories that ring true to life. For any of you unfamiliar with my work, I write to understand, encourage, and give hope, all while having a little fun in the process. In the last few years I have been through the grinder emotionally dealing with difficult relationships, confronting the pains in my life and those around me, and trying to find answers to those difficult questions. This work (Into the Void) reflects that more than anything I’ve written before and I am so very proud of it.

And I will end with some more good news: this delayed release should allow me to do a book giveaway. Hurrah! So if you want free loot (who doesn’t?), keep your eyes peeled. I wish you all the best of holidays. Keep fighting the fight!

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