Movies About Writers

I love them.

I watched a couple growing up and found them interesting, but now that I take my writing seriously they have much more meaning to me. It is fascinating for me to watch the personal journeys of writers and how their experiences influenced their work. It encourages me. Here are some of my all-time favs:

Miss Potter

The perfect role for Renee Zellweger (in my opinion!). I grew up with her stories. The music and scenery in this movie is delicious in itself.

Finding Neverland

It’s sad, I know. But there is so much goodness too!

Little Women

Okay, this one’s cheating a little bit. Jo March isn’t a real person. But I love it all the same. I didn’t relate to her as a child, but I find myself relating to her more as an adult. I will also grant that the book has some more scenes and details about her journey as a writer. But part of me loves the scenes with Friedrich where he is unimpressed with her writing and it offends her, but pushes her to do better!

Miss Austen Regrets

A bit sad, and not nearly as romantic as “Becoming Jane,” but it felt very honest.


If I were to extend this list to films about writing…I would probably include:

Finding Forrester

Paris, When It Sizzles

Midnight in Paris

and probably even

Anne of Green Gables

But there is something about watching the life of the author of stories that I know…

Anyone else have any good ones??

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