Is Common Sense Dead in America?

So I’m not one to go pushing my political views, although theoretical politics are very interesting to me. In truth, there aren’t a lot of political leaders out there who I respect and feel I can get behind fully. But over the weekend I watched an interview with attorney/author Philip K. Howard and I was very encouraged.

He’s not pushing a party agenda (he even admits he basically hates both parties). He is looking at the legal system in America and how it needs to change. He is a thinker.

I have spent some time in social work and I completely relate to the frustrations he talks about–having to live by a hundred regulations instead of being able to actually do your job.

I really recommend you take some time to listen to the interview below. And feel free to share your thoughts as long as you are respectful!

Dialogue With Philip Howard

And here’s another video of him:


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