“Into the Void” is Coming!

I know what you’re thinking…wasn’t it supposed to be done months ago?

Yes, I suppose it was. But I am going to share a couple of facts of life with you:

  1. I am not a full time author and have to work to support myself, plus try to have a life outside of my laptop 😉
  2. I don’t have an editor or publisher to help me.
  3. My work tastes better seasoned with time.

So there’s really nothing to complain about. And you should all know that I am stinkin’ excited! You see I really thought this book was done months ago (was it late January or early February?). I even ordered a proof copy. The proof copy is an important step for me because I am a very kinesthetic person. There comes a point where scrolling through the manuscript on my laptop isn’t good enough and I get stuck. My proof copies are like a test run to get new perspective. The perspective I got a few months ago was that the story wasn’t finished yet. So I kept working on the weak spots, and I’m so glad I did!

Into the Void thumbnail



And here is my other exciting news:

These two books (“The Creation of Jack” and “Into the Void”) are intricately connected to one another. They are the same story and they need each other to be whole. So I am publishing a special volume containing both books combined!

The Creation of Jack combined thumbnail


I am awaiting their proof copies before I start advertising to the whole world! And keep your eyes peeled for a free book giveaway!

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