Indie Author Interview #9 Sarah Addison-Fox

Happy Friday! I am so pleased to be hosting Sarah Addison-Fox on my blog today! Have you guys missed me indie author interviews? I have. Normally, I interview authors after I’ve read their work. Sarah is a special exception. But as you will see below you, she is funny, sweet, authentic, and she spells center, centre. What’s not to love? Without further ado…

First off, if you were a combination of three fictional characters, who would they be, and why?

Probably Maggie from my Allegiance series, because she’s a mum, has a heart to help children and tries her best to live her faith through actions. Lucy from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, because she’s honest and imaginative and the Princess from the Princess and the Pea because I’m really fussy.

 Honestly my husband jokes about how much of a Princess I am. Hey, what do you expect? The name Sarah means Princess right!

Besides writing, what are some of your favorite activities?

Reading action-packed books, watching action-packed movies…hmmm there is a theme developing here….

When did you start writing and why?

I started writing in earnest in January this year. Before then I’d studied, gained a diploma and an assortment of other qualifications but I never had the motivation to actually finish a novel.  

Last year I was diagnosed with MS, and suddenly my priorities changed. When I heard comedian Michael Jnr speak about people knowing their “What” (for me that was writing) but not understanding their “Why” everything fell into place. That was the push I needed. Now, after 20+ years of procrastinating I had the best reason in the world to write. For the Glory of God.

Tell us about your book, Disowned (Allegiance #1)! What do you love most about it?       

Disowned is the story of an unwanted slave girl, desperately trying to find a place to belong. A place where she is valued and loved. What I love most about Disowned, would have to be the characters. Especially Mick.

If readers came away with one thing from your book, what would you want it to be? 

Wow, that’s a great question. Maybe to examine how much of a gift freedom is? And to think about why slavery is still rampant today.

Can you tell us a little bit about the sequel without giving too much away?

The second in the series (Dissemble) centres around Celeste trying to keep the Haynes family safe all while deceiving them. She’s locked into a contract and if she breaks it, or fails, she could lose everything and everyone she’s come to love.

What characters/tropes/themes/plots would you love to see more of in fiction?

I’d love to see more functional families and more realism and more humour. Everybody is so serious! Oh, and lots more healthy, respectful, romantic relationships.

But not where the couple get married and never have any problems or any passion! That’s a pet peeve of mine. Passion is a joyous thing within the context that God frames it.

What are three tools/resources that you use as an indie author?

Does chocolate, epic music, and coke count? Er, Word, Mr Google, and kind friends.

What is your advice to aspiring authors?

Put your bottom on the chair, and commit. All the preparation, character profiles, world-building, and research will do you no good if you can’t make a regular commitment to write. The reason I can write a draft so quickly is because I have a 1000 word limit that I stick to every single day no matter if I feel like it.  

Don’t read over what you’ve written and obsess about getting it right the first time. The first draft is supposed to be dreadful. Give yourself permission to make a mess, concentrate on having fun and get those words down!

 It’s really an equation. If you commit to 1000 words a day for two months you’ll finish a first draft. Commitment plus time equals a novel.

Have you read any great indie books lately that you would like to recommend?

 Mind blank on specific authors! I’d have to go back and look on Goodreads, but I have a rule. If I start reading the sample and I don’t like, I put it aside.

If I start reading a book, and list it as reading, it means I’m interested and will see it through. I will never place a bad review. If I don’t like a book I’ve read, I’ll leave unrated and refrain from commenting.

I recommend any books I read which have Biblical truth, are a little different from the norm, have romance and action in them.  If the characters grab me, I don’t care about the technical errors. 

I don’t recommend books I feel are preachy, sappy or unrealistic.

Thanks so much, Sarah! I loved learning more about you and am eager to read your book!

If you want to learn more about Sarah, you can find her on:

Facebook:   sarahaddisonfoxfantasyauthor/
Twitter: @Saddisonfox
Goodreads: Sarah Addison-Fox

You can go buy her book now on Amazon. Or keep your eyes peeled for the Black Friday Sale coming soon from !

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