Home Stretch…

Guys, I’m almost there! I am so close to wrapping up “Into the Void.”

I literally feel like I have been running the eight hundred, and this is the last stretch (why is the last stretch so brutal? And why did anyone ever invent the 800 meter race??!).

I am so very proud of this work, but also so ready to have it done and complete, and outside of my mind in a pretty little cover. And I am ready to move on to my next project and re-explore the universe of “The Traveler.”

To any of you who have never written a novel…it is quite a feat. I feel like I hiked Mt. Whitney again, or gave birth to a child. This one was particularly challenging because I took everything up a notch: the character development (focusing more on minor characters), the plot intricacies, the science…it takes a genius to write a good scifi. And while I don’t claim to be a genius, I do claim that my scifi is at least enjoyable.

I would ask for tips on how to finish strong, but I feel like the best advice any of you could give me is…keep going! Make good choices! Don’t sell yourself short! I will do my best.

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