Exciting Book Stuff!

Well, I promised some great things this summer and I’m not going to let you down!

First off let’s get real. I just moved to California and I am in the process of adjusting to a new job. So I may not be as present on social media etc. I promise to prioritize my writing, but I’ll need a little grace.

Second. I am working on The Traveler. In fact, it is getting close! I have a shiny new cover ready to reveal later this summer. I have a few scenes to tweak and threads to tie up. It’s going to be beautiful. In the meantime I am compiling a list of ARC readers. Some of you know who you are, but if you want to jump on the bandwagon, shoot me an e-mail!

Finally! Out of Darkness has a book trailer! I am by no means an expert at this, but I am quite pleased by how it turned out. It gives quite a few hints about plot and establishes the tone and aesthetic. I hope you guys enjoy it!

There’s more…(drumroll please)…Logan has a theme song!

And finally!! For a limited timeĀ Out of Darkness is going to be FREE on Amazon this Monday! Now’s your chance to pick up a copy and tell your friends!

Hope you guys have a great week! I’ll check in again before too long!

2 Replies to “Exciting Book Stuff!”

  1. Eeep! So much glorious news! I’m so excited!

    That trailer is really awesome! And I’m really looking forward to The Travelers as well (Is there any specific release date for it yet? )

    Good stuff all around! I’m really excited!

    1. Thank you! Thank you! No release date yet. I didn’t want to commit until I got through my transition…keep your eyes peeled!!

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