Driving in the Clouds


I don’t know if you live in a climate that experiences snowfall. I didn’t until my twenties. You learn a lot.

We had a beautiful snowfall tonight. The unique thing about winter is that sometimes the conventions are thrown out the window. Traffic laws are strictly upheld all year round. But there is a time just after the snow falls when the road is not entirely visible. The first cars to pass over often have to guess where the proper lanes are and everyone after them just follows in their wake. I love it. I love creating a new lane in the snow, knowing that I may be over the boundary line and that as long as I’m doing my best, it’s okay.

Up here drivers are patient and graceful-especially in the winter.

And sometimes if the wind is blowing just right it carries the snow over the road in gusts that look exactly like swirling clouds. There’s nothing else like it. If you’ve never experienced it before I hope you do.

As always, I find myself looking for the opportunities when circumstances are out of my control and I can sit back and watch the beauty of the elements.

For all of you in winter climates: drive safe. And be mindful this week before Christmas. Bills, jobs, and responsibilities can consume your life. Take time to enjoy the people and the beautiful moments around you. Find time to be still.

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