Veronica Trench

Book: Into the Void

M/F: Female

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

MBTI: ESTJ (the Guardians)


Veronica Trench was the first person to convince Logan that clothing was more than just a set of interchangeable garments. Veronica’s impeccable appearance had always been impervious to external influences. Logan had seen her stare down drunk politicians, throw her martini on a dangerous, malfunctioning robot, and cruise through a forty-eight hour shift without smudging her mascara or even wrinkling her skirt. For a time Logan had discarded it as superficiality. But slowly, over the months, she began to notice something. She noticed that the men who eyed her with contempt, bowed respectfully to Veronica. The loyal secretaries who sniffed at her over their spectacles, suspecting her to be a pretentious teenager, responded to Veronica’s professionalism. Trench put out fires and opened doors that were locked to Logan. And her four inch heels, waterfall ponytail, and picture-perfect face in a pressed suit became as dependable as the earth’s orbit.

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character: 

“I think she definitely wins the award for favorite new character in “Into the Void.” I adore her. And fun fact–she actually started out as a redhead. Someone, please start a fan club for her. I will join it. The welcoming page should have a stop and go, pixel animation of her fighting off robots and zombies with cocktails and stools.”