Thomas Gregson

Rural landscape with wheat field on sunset

Book: Out of Darkness, Into the Void

M/F: Male

Occupation: Computer Programmer

MBTI: ENFP (the Inspirer)


He was the least threatening of the group, probably because he seemed to hardly notice her. Even now he was fiddling with his computer. His face was friendly. His sandy brown hair and blue eyes made her think of the desert-unconcerned with the rush of the city.

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character: 

“He is easily one of my favorites. Hardworking, loyal, and consistent, he never gets the credit he deserves for what he does. He is incredibly down-to-earth, able to handle other peoples’ problems without absorbing them. But what he really dislikes is facing his own emotional problems when they come. I don’t know if I should say this, but there was a time when I considered developing a romance between Greg and Logan Bailey. I thought she needed some of his refreshing levity in her life. In the end though, I decided she could get that enough through his friendship. Maybe it would work for them in an AU, but it didn’t feel quite right in this one.”

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