Marilyn Ye


Book: Out of Darkness, Into the Void

M/F: Female

Occupation: Scientist

MBTI: ISTJ (the Duty Fulfillers)


From their vantage point, Jack saw Dr. Ye walk into sight, then disappear inside her building. She would be climbing three sets of stairs now to her apartment where she was supposed to check her subscription. Hopefully they could have a reply within ten minutes and she would set out for the market in the next half hour. From what Jack could see she was a short, delicate woman. Her black hair was tied up neatly in a ponytail and she had walked with her eyes on the ground, as if deep in thought. But Jack hadn’t detected any particular alarm in her, which was a good sign for them.

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character: 

“I really like Marilyn. I had to cut some of her scenes in “The Creation of Jack,” and I felt sorry that she got the shaft. So I was delighted to expand her character in the sequel. She was never just a place filler to me. She’s a bit stressed and out of sorts in COJ (again, sorry Marilyn!). So, if you really want to get to know her, read “Into the Void.” She was another opportunity to break the mold of stereotypical female characters.”

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