Logan Bailey

Underwater view of the sea surface

Book: Out of Darkness, Into the Void

M/F: Female

Occupation: Security

MBTI: INTP (the Thinkers)


Her eyes were blazing now, fire behind the water. She stood to her feet and shoved the table at him. Her hair was wild and unkempt. He thought she looked like a Fury. A very young, very broken, very angry Fury.

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character:

“At her essence, Logan is a contradiction. Druce’s first impression of her is both fire and water. In the natural universe one will cancel the other out, and yet both seem to exist in Logan. She is equal parts Pathos and Logos. Her mind can be cold and calculating, yet the scent from a memory can send her heart reeling in a way that her mind does not understand. She looks out of control on the outside, yet her decisions are often sound and trustworthy because of this blend of contradictions. This becomes more true as she grows older and the fresh wounds of her adolescence begin to heal. I have found that some of the most profound truths in the world appear to be paradoxical, yet when you hold them both loosely you find true balance.”


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