Lance Kolbe


Book: Out of Darkness, Into the Void

M/F: Male

Occupation: Military, Intelligence

MBTI: ESTP (the Doers)


“You’re lying,” she repeated. In response Kolbe reached up to his collar and tugged it down just low enough to reveal a small pink-flesh tattoo below the right collarbone. She seemed frozen in time before their eyes. Then suddenly she came alive again, throwing a right hook and knocking him squarely across the chin. He stumbled in response as everyone else jumped. When Kolbe turned back, his eyes were full of anger. 

            “I wish I had the time to sort things out with you, right now,” Kolbe spat, “particularly how you killed John.”

            “I didn’t kill John.”

            “But we don’t have time for that,” he continued as if he hadn’t heard her, “because we’re all going to end up dead here in a minute unless you do something.”

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character: 

“Very intelligent, very talented, easily bored. All of Kolbe’s talent and intellect seemed to go the wrong way early on and no one knows how to reverse it (not even him). He is a natural leader, but has little interest in leadership.”

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