John Sutton



Book: Out of Darkness

M/F: Male

Occupation: Military Intelligence

MBTI: ISTP (the Mechanics)


“Sergeant Sutton will be leading and organizing the attack! He will be your commanding officer! Are there any questions?!”

“Alright, listen up!” John had come forward and taken charge. He was pacing back and forth, looking fully alert and very determined. The chilly night air made Bailey shiver. She tried to take deep breaths to strengthen her resolve. “I am going to divide you into Strike Teams! Each Strike Team will have a Team Leader who will keep in contact with me over radio! We will approach the building from different angles—but getting there is our first priority! We need to move fast.”

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character: 

“When he leaves the scenes, John Sutton comes and hangs out with me. We’re friends. For some reason I don’t feel like he’s a character in the story in the same way that the others are. He is a co-conspirator with me. He is my ambassador into the story (and into Logan’s life).”

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