Druce Finamore

anchor on wood

Book: Out of Darkness, Into the Void 

M/F: Male

Occupation: Intelligence, Former Military

MBTI: INFJ (the Protectors) or ISTP (the Duty Fulfillers)


She didn’t answer for a long while and his eyes grew nervous. “I saw disillusionment. I saw pain, bitterness, anger—all things I understood very well. But then I saw what was underneath all that. Those were just layers; they weren’t the heart of who you are.”

E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character:

“Druce is difficult to pin down. He is an idealist with high expectations for himself and others and becomes disillusioned when people don’t meet those expectations (and is very critical of himself). But he is also driven by duty. He is very private and restricts parts of himself (even from me!). When faced with a problem he tends toward pessimism, yet he will do everything in his power to achieve the optimist’s solution (And I am realizing that if he had a female counterpart it would be Anissa in “The Traveler”).”

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