Anissa Robson

Book: The Traveler, The Citizen

M/F: Female

Occupation: Apprentice Politician



E.B. Dawson’s Thoughts on the Character:

“Anissa is the perfect heroine without knowing it. She is thoughtful and observant, but speaks out when she disagrees. She has real fears and weaknesses but she doesn’t let them control her. She was primed for adventure when I found her. I just had to push her out the door (like Gandalf).”

In comparison to Logan from “The Creation of Jack:”

“To some they may seem similar, but they are quite different. Logan would have been very content to live a quiet life (probably as a painter). She is much more prone to quiet observation than action. I had to push her down a very dark and difficult path to get her to a place where she was obligated to respond and become a hero. But I think Anissa would have looked for great things even if I had left her alone. She is definitely more assertive and more comfortable with leadership (not to mention more whole at the beginning of the story).”