Exciting Book Stuff!

Well, I promised some great things this summer and I’m not going to let you down!

First off let’s get real. I just moved to California and I am in the process of adjusting to a new job. So I may not be as present on social media etc. I promise to prioritize my writing, but I’ll need a little grace.

Second. I am working on The Traveler. In fact, it is getting close! I have a shiny new cover ready to reveal later this summer. I have a few scenes to tweak and threads to tie up. It’s going to be beautiful. In the meantime I am compiling a list of ARC readers. Some of you know who you are, but if you want to jump on the bandwagon, shoot me an e-mail!

Finally! Out of Darkness has a book trailer! I am by no means an expert at this, but I am quite pleased by how it turned out. It gives quite a few hints about plot and establishes the tone and aesthetic. I hope you guys enjoy it!

There’s more…(drumroll please)…Logan has a theme song!

And finally!! For a limited time Out of Darkness is going to be FREE on Amazon this Monday! Now’s your chance to pick up a copy and tell your friends!

Hope you guys have a great week! I’ll check in again before too long!

Summer Announcements

Hello. It’s summer. And I am feeling the heat in more ways than one! I am preparing for a move. Thus and therefore, my will to blog is hitting an all-time low. Rather than beat myself over the head, I think I will give myself a break. This does not mean that I will not post over the summer. But my post frequency will probably be slowing down.

You are so sad right now. I can feel it. But it’s going to be okay. I’ll still be around on Twitter and such. And really, wouldn’t you rather I invest quality time in writing The Creation of Jack 3 and revising The Traveler? Yes, you would. Because they are going to be AWESOME!

Now for the good news! My regular blog might not be posting as often, but there are some fun treats coming your way:

-An interview with Hannah Heath (this next Tuesday!) It is snarky and fun! Don’t miss it.

-I am working on a Book Trailer for Out of Darkness!

-If all goes well, I will release a teaser for The Traveler sometime in July!

-And in August, watch for an exciting Cover Reveal!

See? Fun stuff is coming your way this summer. In the meantime, here’s some SciFi inspiration that I’ve been browsing through on Pinterest. They may or may not have anything to do with COJ3. I’m not telling. But they are fun and beautiful anyway!

Have a fantastic summer everyone!

Service Announcement for “Out of Darkness”

Dear Readers,

Early after its release in KDP, I was informed there were some formatting mistakes in my e-book “Out of Darkness.” I set about thoroughly fixing them and re-uploaded the file to KDP. I even combed through their preview tool to make sure everything looked good.

Unfortunately, there was a glitch on their side. I did not realize until yesterday that the changes had not taken place. I contacted KDP and they apologized and set about fixing the problem.

If you purchased a copy, you should be receiving updated changes in the near future.

I very much appreciate all of you and want you to have the best experience with my book. Please contact me with questions and/or concerns.

All the best,

E.B. Dawson

A Deeper Look “Into the Void”

I usually post on Thursdays. But in honor of my newest book (Into the Void) being released on Friday, I thought I’d write this post today!

I am so excited for this book, you guys! I keep asking myself, “Is it wrong to love your own book this much?” And the answer is, “Who cares?” Because I do love my own book so much. And to tell you why, I’ll have to tell you a bit about why I wrote it. And to tell you why I wrote it, we might have to go look at the first book in the series, since this is a sequel. 😉

Continue reading “A Deeper Look “Into the Void””

New Covers!

So you can tell I’ve got my life back together because I’m actually posting things on social media! It got pretty busy there and I had a lot of change going on in my life including graduating from college and moving to a new state.

But I’m back. And while I’m always re-evaluating my branding, my communication, and my social media presence (read: I may not post every day), I won’t be entirely off the grid anymore.

Anyway. On to the fun part! My books have all been moved to Amazon KDP and have received new cover treatment! Check them out:

Out of Darkness (The Creation of Jack Book 1)






Into the Void (The Creation of Jack Book 2)






The Traveler


Breaking the Silence…

I have not posted in forever because life has been a little bit crazy. What with school, work, and plenty of family I have been taking a break from posting on here. I have been so mentally tired that in my free time all I want to do is consume (reading and watching) rather than create new content. But I think my shaky little boat has stabilized and stopped taking on water and I’m gonna get back into paddling 😉

So here are a few things to look forward to:

1. Movie Reviews: I watched the new Star Trek over the summer and very much enjoyed it. I also discovered “Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat” and loved it! And I more recently watched Terminator: Genisys and already have some thoughts of what went wrong and right.

2. I am in the infant stages of branding! My graphic designer (if she reads this she will laugh at me for making myself sound so important) has begun work for me. I can’t promise a timeline for new graphics/book covers, but we are one step closer!

3. I really do intend to write more short stories. After reading “Into the Void,” my friend kept bringing up fringe characters that she found fascinating and I kept texting back: “I know. They deserve more…” There is so much thought behind my characters (even the main ones) and I want to start fleshing it out in short stories. Beyond that, there are some unrelated concepts that I want to develop.

4. I ran into an old supervisor at a baby shower. She read an early manuscript of “The Traveler,” and has been harassing me every since to tell her what happens next. So I was excited to let her know that I am finally working on the sequel. Her enthusiasm was encouraging. I was making some progress up until the summer, but that project too has been on standstill. The characters and plot have been haunting me, though, and I’m gonna get back to it soon.

5. Book Reviews: I haven’t been reading too much science fiction lately, but I do still need to do a review for Starship Troopers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes stories worthwhile and which ones are worth telling. Hope your summer has been filled with ice tea and lemonade and that you are as excited for fall as I am!

“Into the Void” is Coming!

I know what you’re thinking…wasn’t it supposed to be done months ago?

Yes, I suppose it was. But I am going to share a couple of facts of life with you:

  1. I am not a full time author and have to work to support myself, plus try to have a life outside of my laptop 😉
  2. I don’t have an editor or publisher to help me.
  3. My work tastes better seasoned with time.

So there’s really nothing to complain about. And you should all know that I am stinkin’ excited! You see I really thought this book was done months ago (was it late January or early February?). I even ordered a proof copy. The proof copy is an important step for me because I am a very kinesthetic person. There comes a point where scrolling through the manuscript on my laptop isn’t good enough and I get stuck. My proof copies are like a test run to get new perspective. The perspective I got a few months ago was that the story wasn’t finished yet. So I kept working on the weak spots, and I’m so glad I did!

Into the Void thumbnail



And here is my other exciting news:

These two books (“The Creation of Jack” and “Into the Void”) are intricately connected to one another. They are the same story and they need each other to be whole. So I am publishing a special volume containing both books combined!

The Creation of Jack combined thumbnail


I am awaiting their proof copies before I start advertising to the whole world! And keep your eyes peeled for a free book giveaway!

New Short Story: “Third World Gleaner”

Hey guys!


Happy Tuesday and hurray for April, am I right? I just wanted to let you know I typed up a new short story. Check out the excerpt below:


I first saw the woman from Earth on Harvest Day, or as we non-Imperial citizens like to call it, “Gleaning Day.” She was tall and square, but perfectly toned, and clearly military. You could tell from her uniform but it was even more obvious in her face and body language. I thought she must have been bred for the position like a thoroughbred racehorse. And it was clear why her government had chosen her as envoy to the Emirates—her keen eyes pierced everything they set their sights on, filtered by the weight of those indomitable, military-trained eyebrows. Even from my distance I could see that those eyebrows were working overtime to cast away or reinterpret the cacophony of alien information assaulting her from every side. This one might not have a panic attack.

She stood beside the Shah and his chieftains on the hovering platform, receiving the refreshments that were thrust upon her with a stern courtesy. Even at this distance I could see her uniform—once crisply pressed—wilting under the blistering sun, but she stood tall and dignified as the Shah explained to her the process of harvest transfer.

The enormous Collector had descended to its target altitude, five hundred meters above the stubble fields with their odd contours of luminescent magenta, and cast a shadow the size of a football field. Dozens of Harvesters had lined up in half a dozen parallel queues and began sliding forward across the fumes of boiling air churned up by their ventilators. To the untrained eye it looked like a procession of tanks marching off to war, and I wondered briefly if the Earth woman would understand it. But when each Harvester slid under the belly of the monster Collector, the transfer of Perillian Grain was unmistakable. The harvest load was propelled upward with a shocking amount of force and speed almost invisible to the naked eye aside from the cloud of gold and magenta dust which was produced. It was from this cloud that the rain came—a warm, earthy, nutritious rain of magenta tipped stalks. It was for this life-giving rain that I had come—I along with about seven thousand others.

Click here if you want to keep reading!

Keep your head up. The wind could change tomorrow. 😉

Good News!

A friend of mine (who is a graphic design wizard) has offered to create book covers for me! She will add them to her portfolio and I will gain a little more professionalism and marketing oomph! It’s a win win and I am so excited.

She will be starting with “The Creation of Jack,” then probably doing “Into the Void” next before “The Traveler.” This gives me time to finish a few edits on “Into the Void” and (especially) “The Traveler.”

But we don’t have any deadlines set, so I can’t promise you any dates. You all will just have to wait in anticipation with me!

I realize that this news probably doesn’t excite you as much as it does me. But I invite you to ignore the duties and stressors of your life and jump up and down with me at the thought of professional eye-candy for my books! If that doesn’t make life a little better, I don’t know what does.

You’re welcome. Have a great week!

Into the Void- Update

I finished my draft, and even ordered a proof copy, but have not officially “published” it to the public yet and here’s why:

I feel a little bit uncertain about it.

Don’t get me wrong, there is so much in there that I am proud of and was a huge accomplishment for me. I think the ending especially is very strong. But there are some rocky parts throughout. I feel like it is a good cup of tea that hasn’t steeped long enough, yet.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to see these things until I actually read a physical, printed and bound copy of my manuscript. I think that is the case here.

So I am letting it sit in my mind and steep. I am hoping to make some changes and improvements over the next couple of months, but I am also open to releasing a few copies for feedback. If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail: ebdawson@ebdawsonwriting.com  and tell me a little bit about yourself.