Into the Void (The Creation of Jack, #2)

Book Cover: Into the Void (The Creation of Jack, #2)

The overpopulated earth has launched its first colony space station under an unusually gifted commander. But the nations of the world have been living in isolation for decades. The road to political unity will be prove a rocky one, hindered by pride, old wounds, and malicious intent from an unknown enemy. But the residents of the station will face their biggest threat when an unexpected leap in the advance of technology begins altering human brain chemistry.

Reviews:Hannah Heath on Constant Collectible wrote:

***4.5 out of 5 stars*** Full review can be found on Constant Collectible:

The events of this novel take place 18 months after Out of Darkness. Everything has changed.

Rather than employing the non-linear narrative of book one, Into the Void relies on a chronological plot. This would make one assume that the plot is more simple than the first, which would be an absolutely incorrect assumption.

And, yet, the plot and world-building take a backseat to the characters.

If you’ve read my book review of Out of Darkness, you probably picked up on the fact that I have a deep love for Logan Bailey. She a strong, holding-herself-together-out-of-sheer-will type of character that is both heart-breaking and inspiring. Her character arc deepens even further in this novel. We watch her come to terms with the idea that she can’t do everything on her own and cheer her on as she learns what it means to care about and rely on others.

Logan’s journey is made even more inspiring by the characters that surround her. They are all in some way shattered, broken people. But they are all fighting to take circumstances that are utterly against them and twist them into something better. Druce, Gregson, Veronica, Cameron, Jesse…and a few others I want to mention but can’t because of spoilers. They each have similarities to Logan, but each have strengths and flaws that play to the plot and strengthen Logan’s character. It’s a masterpiece of a character quilt.

And it made the novel terrifying. By the time I was halfway through with the book, all I wanted was for Logan and the surrounding characters to make it out with their broken pieces healed up.

Because this novel is so full of action, that hope of mine often felt a bit far-fetched. The conflict builds throughout the story, never letting up, always driving the plot forward, revealing new twists, exposing hidden world-building. It’s one heck of a ride.

My only complaint was that some parts near the end of the book felt a bit rushed. It led to some paragraphs feeling a bit jarring, but these scenes were few and far between.

Beneath the fast-moving plot, the amazing characters, and the excellent world-building lies an even more impressive thread. The message in this book was one that makes the entire series one that is very special. The recurring theme is that of choosing to rise above the circumstances that are shoved onto you. Be the warrior, not the victim.

In a world where unfortunate situations are always cropping up and trying to swallow good people whole, I found this message to be a very important one. I could tell that Dawson put a lot of thought into writing a series that would encourage and empower people to fight for their souls and the souls of those around them no matter how many times they are knocked to the ground. This message was conveyed with a power and passion that made this story stay in my memory long after I finished reading it.

Dawson’s Into the Void is an amazing read on many different levels. Dawson not only possesses a unique talent for crafting characters, worlds, and plots, but she also has something else that sets her writing apart from other authors: Her books possess a meaning and heart to them that will take your breath away. The Creation of Jack is a unique series that you will never find the likes of again. It is an absolute favorite of mine and I know it will quickly become a favorite of yours.