Being Sick is Lame…

I caught two nasty colds in the last three weeks 🙁 Boooooooooooooo… Nothing will zap the life out of me faster, crush my dreams, and reduce my optimism like getting sick. If I haven’t been sick in a while, the 2-3 day cold won’t phase me. But being slammed with an 8 day cold (including sleepless cough and loss of voice), recovering for one week and getting hit again for four days is the worst.

Have you ever heard anybody say “sick people are idiots”? Well, we kind of are. I know my perspective on life completely shifts with the common cold. Suddenly up is down, and priorities are backwards. I feel like I’m going to be sick forever–like my life now consists of constant fatigue, sratchy voices, and kleenex boxes. Thankfully, life goes on…I got better and the sun came out!

I am so grateful for the people in my life who take care of me. And I am sending this post out as a “get well” card to any and all who might be sick out there! Keep fighting through flu season everyone!

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