A Review of Starship Troopers (the book)

A friend recommended this book years ago (8 or 9). But for some reason I never picked it up. He recommended it because I love “Ender’s Game.” But he also made some reserved comments about it that made me hesitate. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he clearly didn’t sell it very well.

This book is everything I love about science fiction. It is exciting, imaginative, fast-paced, and philosophical. It starts in the middle of the action and then goes backward. This works well because you have an idea of where the plot is going and a sense of anticipation.

Boot camp was interesting and I like how the perspective of the recruits was later contrasted when the main character overhears the officers talking. I liked the slower, philosophical portions as well.

I also loved that this book was absolutely clean (other than some implied violence). It doesn’t take itself too seriously, either, but just seriously enough. And I was pleasantly surprised by a certain plot twist at the very end that made me go back and re-read passages.

Overall, the book felt like “Band of Brothers” set in science fiction. So if that sounds appealing to you, go read it.

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