A Deeper Look “Into the Void”

I usually post on Thursdays. But in honor of my newest book (Into the Void) being released on Friday, I thought I’d write this post today!

I am so excited for this book, you guys! I keep asking myself, “Is it wrong to love your own book this much?” And the answer is, “Who cares?” Because I do love my own book so much. And to tell you why, I’ll have to tell you a bit about why I wrote it. And to tell you why I wrote it, we might have to go look at the first book in the series, since this is a sequel. 😉

Why do I write?

I love stories. Ravi Zacharias once said that art is philosophy that enters the mind by the backdoor. And I couldn’t agree more. When you come straight at a person and make any sort of truth statement they will examine it as such and either accept or reject it. And most people already have their filters and biases in place to protect what they already believe. But when worldview and truth statements are incorporated into art, they impact peoples’ lives in a much different way. When the come in the form of a story, people are much more likely to listen even if they don’t agree.

Movies, books, and television are shaping our society much more than any of us think. “It’s just a movie.” But all movies have messages. And even if you recognize those messages (sadly many people don’t), and even if your recognize that you disagree with them, it is difficult to tell what seeds they are planting in your mind. I truly believe that these subtle messages in the stories we spend time with impact how we treat other people, how we deal with crisis situations, and how we handle our emotions.

I write because I have a huge imagination. I like to go on adventures and I like to take readers with me. But I also write because I have seen certain messages lacking in popular stories, and I wanted to change that. I wanted to write clean, exciting speculative fiction with inspiring characters, intricate plots, and worthwhile messages. 

Enter book 1: Out of Darkness –a futuristic, sci-fi thriller which is kind of a combination of The Bourne Identity, Ender’s Game, and Firefly. But it emphasizes hope, redemption, and friendship. And most importantly, it emphasizes that you are not a victim of your circumstances; no matter what has been done to you, you have the choice to rise above.

(Note: Because of the nature of the story there are some dark scenes in this book. They are not graphic. They exist to show the contrast between dark and light. Compared to most books/movies in this genre they on the mild side.)


And then I wrote the sequel (Coming March 24th!!)

Into the Void continues the story from the first book. Characters face new challenges. Some fail. Some find victory. For a long time I didn’t think there would be a sequel to Out of Darkness. In fact, it was originally just called The Creation of Jack. Because I thought that was the whole story. But after a little while I realized how unsatisfying it was to have the story end where it was.

Yes, after a lot of struggle and pain my character found victory. But my life went on and I had to face a whole new set of challenges. And I felt like the subtle message was: once you face your past the rest of your life is easy. But real life is not like that. Real life goes on. And after every great victory, there is always another battle on the horizon. And that’s okay. My main character found personal victory in book one. But now in book two she has to face all the challenges of becoming an adult, facing responsibility, and working with the whole spectrum of humanity: corrupt, naive, selfish, prejudiced, and annoying. And of course there is fun science and technology and adventures.

Which leads to news that you may or may not find exciting:

I intend to continue the series!

I have begun brainstorming for Book 3 and would love to write at least 4 or 5 books in this series although they may not all center on the same characters. Both of these books have an ensemble cast of character that are awesome! Realistically I could give each of the main cast their own book. So maybe there will be 12 books. 😉

So there’s a snapshot of my philosophy on writing, and what these books are about. Into the Void seriously impacted me as I wrote it, asking questions like: Are you always defined by things in your past? How do people respond when confronted with their deepest fears? What causes people to lose trust in those closest to them? How do you work through your emotions to make the right decision? How do you find courage when it feels like the universe is against you? And can your weaknesses actually make you strong?

So if any of that sounds at all intriguing, please go check out my books! They are both only $.99 right now but the price will probably go up next week. If that is not in your book budget (there are so many books to buy, I get it), then follow me or subscribe to my e-mail list and I’ll let you know when there are special giveaways and promotions.

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Thanks for checking in, guys. For all you writers, keep writing! Share your thoughts or questions below!!

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