5 Futuristic Technologies We Need Today

Admittedly, when it comes to technology there’s always bad and good. Sometimes we seem to invent things that will bring out the worst in us. But there are always good advances too.

Why don’t these things exist already? I would use them every day.

Holographic Pictures (from Serenity)

Because three-dimensional people don’t look like themselves in two-dimensions. I am notoriously bad at recognizing people from their pictures. A 3D holographic picture would serve much better for things like passports.

Self-Driving Cars (from I, Robot)

Yes, I know that these are in the works and some early prototypes probably exist. I’m also a little reluctant on this one because sometimes I love driving. Other times (like after a long, emotional day) it’s the worst. It’s like having your own personal chauffeur.

Self-Adjusting Clothes (from Back to the Future)

I heard the buzz about someone already inventing those shoes. But why not clothes, too? I hate shopping. Wouldn’t it be nice to go pick out generic clothes and have them fit your body perfectly? So wonderful! Let’s all dream together!

Food Replicator (Star Trek)

Ideally, food replicators would take the work out of cooking and bring back the joy! I love cooking a couple of nights a week, but the rest of the time I cook out of necessity. But even if we don’t have food replicators, I’d settle for a beverage replicator. Can you imagine limitless beverages? Heaven on earth for any writer…

And finally, my favorite…(this is the one I want the most)

Lightsaber Toaster (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? Have I ever mentioned that toast is one of my favorite foods? I feel like this one is feasible. Any inventors out there wanna make this happen for me? I’ll dedicate my next book to you, I promise!!

What futuristic technologies would you like to see?

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