Logan’s Theme Song

October is here! That means there are only two months left before my sequel to “The Creation of Jack” gets published! Hurray! (Inwardly trying not to panic) I’m not going to lie. I still have some work to do on it. But I am also confident that I will get the work done. And let me tell you that I am super excited. This sequel may even be better than the original. I am very proud of the way the characters have grown and developed (not just Logan and Druce, but you will get to see more of Gregson, Crafton, and Kolbe as well). And there are a few new characters that I’m excited for you to meet.

To celebrate how far we’ve come and get you pumped up for the continuing story I have a special treat for you. About two and a half years ago I wrote a song for Logan. I sent the lyrics and a melody concept to my oh-so-talented sister. A month or two later she sent the produced song back to me and I was blown away. This song encapsulates “The Creation of Jack.” It is haunting and beautiful with a pinch of fight. You can have a listen below. I hope you like it!

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