2017: The Balancing Act

I have a confession to make: I am not thrilled with the direction the book publishing/marketing industry is heading. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to self-publish cheap and easy is pretty awesome. But the heavy expectations placed on authors to self-market their books, be present on all social media, and post constant content and updates is a little overwhelming.

I’m a big thinker, but not a big sharer. I do love writing, and sharing my knowledge and so I will go through seasons where I’m consistently updating my website and such. Conversely, I go through seasons where I need a “time-out.” I’ll sit down at my laptop, determined to do some sort of post, but get up restless and void of ideas. This closely mirrors my one-on-one communication style. I can be very friendly and engaging, and I like conversing on topics that interest me. But I always need my “recharge time” where I don’t talk to anyone…sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.

Now let’s add into all of that the fact that this is not my full-time job. I am not just working to get through college anymore. I want to cultivate my work skills. I want to cultivate my relationships with friends and family. I want to explore other hobbies and interests.

Although I feel this has been true in my life since 2014, I think this new year is truly going to be the year of “the balancing act.” Or at least, I am hoping it will be “the year of balance.”

Technically, I would prefer to have only one area of obligation and be able to focus on that with all of my being. I used to do that with school. Then there was that one time I did it with work. Sometimes I think I would like to do that with writing. I dream about getting paid to write full time. But I’m not sure I’d love it as much as I think. It might become a chore rather than a joy.

I complain about having to juggle multiple spheres of life. But in truth it keeps me growing as a person. Left to my own devices I would probably become an obsessive, reclusive hermit. Instead I find myself growing in areas I never thought I’d grow, meeting new people, and constantly learning. And all three of those are vital for growing as an author.

So I may not be able to compete with those writers who blog multiple times a week. But I truly think that I will make up for it in my novels. Because that is where I pour my heart, my soul, and everything I learn.

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