10 Things You May Not Know About Me

So I’ve been meeting a lot of new authors and writers online. And some of you may be thinking, “Who the heck is E.B. Dawson?” So here are some fun “writerly” facts about me:

1. I have moved 24 times in 27 years and have lived in 4 different countries.

2. I dream very vividly (sometimes lucidly). I had nightmares a lot when I was little and I learned to give them happy endings to help me go back to sleep. That is really where my storytelling began. Even now, a lot of my stories were either inspired by dreams, or have dream related content grafted in.

3. I adore airports. If it was feasible for me to go to an international terminal every time I wanted to write, I would. I don’t have a traditional hometown (see fact #1). Airports/airplanes are the closest thing to a hometown for me. There is a comfort and a familiarity there that I can’t find anywhere else.

4. I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) want to be MacGyver (not the new one, the old one). I already carry my pocket knife around pretty much everywhere. I just need to add string and duct-tape to the list. My dad’s a mechanic and he taught me to be a creative problem solver. Now I just need to study physics, chemistry, and engineering, multiply it by ten and approach every crisis situation with a relaxed, can-do attitude and I’m good to go! (Not to brag, but I already got that last part down).

5. Some of my favorite male actors of all time: Sam Elliott, Ed Harris, Danny Kaye, Harry Morgan, and Michael Caine.

6. I summited Mt. Whitney in 2013 and it was absolutely amazing. If you are physically capable and you have the opportunity, you need to hike a 14er sometime in your life. We camped at 12-something before peaking. At that point you can feel how high you are with every breath; the landscape is more barren; the stars are exquisite. It was early September, but I was so cold I hunkered down in my sleeping bag with my foot warmers and read G.K. Chesterton.

7. I believe very strongly that¬†stories don’t have to be graphic and gritty to be good. Even dark stories with flawed characters and ugly situations can be told with taste and discretion.

8. If I were a combination of movie characters I would be a combination of:

Anne of Green Gables (imaginative and idealistic)

P.L. Travers from Saving Mr. Banks  (cynical old soul)

and Mia Wasikowska’s Alice (rational, problem solver).

9. I love dry humor, black humor, and satire.

10. If I could visit any era of American history it would be the 1890s or the 1940s.

2 Replies to “10 Things You May Not Know About Me”

  1. That’s cool that you get inspiration from your dreams- I do too!
    I wonder if it’s a writer thing to dream vividly? I’m the only one I know who does.

    1. Lol. My theory is that there are others who dream vividly, but because they are less obsessed with theme, story, and metaphor than I am, they tend to move on with their lives…I know for a fact that because I ruminate over my dreams and pull them apart that I remember them better and longer. Thanks for stopping by!

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