10 Reasons You Should Read “Into the Void”

  1. Logan Bailey is not your typical female action star!

I’m not gonna lie: most of the leading ladies in movies and television are nothing like me. Nor are they like many women I have met. Granted, there are some wonderful exceptions. But just as J.R.R. Tolkien decided to write the books he wanted to read, I decided to create a female heroine who inspired me and who I could relate to. Logan is quiet, contemplative, and analytical, but she is also brave and compassionate. One of the most unique things about her is this duality of logic and emotion. In this sequel we get to see her grow into a woman, take on responsibility, and exercise leadership. She is not sexy. She is not sassy. She is not fiercely independent. She is very human with strengths and weaknesses.

2. It’s based on real science with creative twists.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here. 😉 But if you want to look into the science of Lagrange points, brain hacking, and asteroid mining, be my guest. I’ll admit that this novel isn’t super “science heavy,” but it’s definitely frosted with it.

3. It answers questions from “The Creation of Jack.”

If you have read my first novel, you have probably realized there were some questions that were never answered. Or maybe you haven’t consciously realized this, but you were left with a nagging feeling here and there that things weren’t resolved. You’re right. I focused on the main narrative of Logan’s difficult “circumstances” and her emotional journey. There were lots of open ends left here and there. “Into the Void” examines some of them and even gives some new perspective to what you thought you knew! (And isn’t life like that? I’m always finding out new information that puts my childhood and the people I know in a new life). Life is never as simple as we think it is.

4. It explores the politics of mankind as they branch out from earth.

It is a lot more political than I intended when I began this story. The politics are subtle but very present as a backdrop to Logan’s story in this book. It is an interesting glimpse into what life may be like in the future if mankind left earth and expanded into space.

5. There are more female characters!

To be honest I have felt a little guilty at how few female characters are in “The Creation of Jack.” It wasn’t really intentional. In my earliest versions there was another strong female lead that I had to cut (she ended up being superfluous and making my job more difficult). I am not apologizing though. I think each character gives a specific tone to the story. Because of the circumstances of where Logan is and what she is going through it made sense for most of the characters to be men. That being said, I was excited to introduce some more women in this next book. I have enjoyed exploring who they are, what their motivations are, and how Logan interacts with them.

6. It is full of heart.

It is not a blockbuster. It is not a sappy, unrealistic romance. The characters are real, they face their own struggles, and they grow and learn. Some of them make mistakes and have to face the consequences. It deals with difficult questions and bizarre circumstances but underneath it all is a positive message to keep on fighting.

7. It examines healthy relationships.

…for the most part. I won’t say that all the relationships in the book are healthy. What I am tired of is the mainstream media glorifying unhealthy relationships. I have met teenagers who will literally copy characters they have seen in the movies. As a writer I understand the interest in examining the darker characters, the bad decisions, and the emotionally unstable…but it is too easy to cross the line and start glorifying it. I have no desire to glorify immature and emotionally dysfunctional people. That doesn’t mean that all my characters are perfect angels. They make mistakes, they argue, they lash out, and they don’t always communicate properly. But they work through their issues and own up to their mistakes.

8. It is encouraging.

It’s not all glitter and silver linings. There are definitely some dark moments. Many of the characters go through significant struggles and brokenness. But even though things don’t turn out the way they want, even though they suffer through loss and disillusionment, they find the hope to keep on going. They make decisions that they can live with. They encourage each other and they continue to fight what they know is wrong. Warning: this is not a nihilistic book, nor will I ever write one.

9. It is an adventure.

Spoilers: they don’t sit around sipping tea the whole time 😉 To be honest, the scope of some of the action scenes blew my mind a little!

10. It contains bits and pieces of my emotional journey.

This point is mostly for people who know me. It would be difficult to count how many times I wanted to “just quit” over the last three to four years. Sometimes life rains, and then it pours, and then it turns into a blizzard and you find yourself frozen in three foot snow while all your friends are posting beach pictures in Hawaii. That is what my life has felt like. This book is an emotional triumph for me and it displays what I have learned about relationships, about dealing with emotional trauma, about dealing with manipulative people, and about always holding onto hope.

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