I am a freelance writer/editor/author.

I love coffee, philosophy, hiking, traveling, and good music.

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About Me

I grew up in southeast Asia (surrounded by mountainous jungle, watered by tropical downpours, and tempered with political instability).

I am an author and freelance writer. I write whatever I want. Right now that includes science fiction and fantasy, blogs and articles, a non-fiction book about character development, and I have my first contemporary fiction novel in the works. I am passionate about getting people to think, question, and wonder.

My goal as a writer is not just to entertain (myself or others), but to find meaning, to express what I have learned, and to guide readers on a satisfying emotional journey that may just change their perspective.

If you would like to hire me for a project, please feel free to contact me at ebdawsonwriting@gmail.com

My Blog

The World of “The Traveler”

I am excited to announce that The Traveler is featured on Annie Douglass Lima’s “Realm Explorer’s” blog today!!!! Go check it out! Also, happy October. I have been so very busy, but I hope you are all doing well! Keep writing and I hope to check in again soon.  

Launch Day!

We made it guys! It has been a long journey. I started writing The Traveler in February, 2013 and then put it aside into dark corners several times. The story kept haunting me, though, and the few people who actually read it were so enthusiastic about it that I knew it was worth fighting for. I …



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